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Got Issues!


Coming back soon...


"Chop It Up"(reality - food/book club series coming to WCN3)

Shop premise: Hosts go out and eat their way around the food world and discuss books. 


"DAMN... Another Sports Show?!" (sports talk show - rebroadcast on PodcastBeast)

Show premise: This sports talk show was originally broadcast on a local Los Angeles radio station. It is being rebroadcast on Podcast Beast. 

"The Hip Hop Horror Flick" (dramatic - staged reading coming to WCN1)

Show premise: This "reader's theatre" was performed in 2015 and is the basis for the soon to be released "PUSH" film/television series. 

"America's Got Issues" (podcast - talk show coming to PodcastBeast)

Show premise: The subject matter may be serious but the delivery from the show's host is a bit lighthearted. 


"REALITY DIVAS" (dramedy - web series coming to WCN3)

Show premise: Get lost in the dramatic comedy of the "drama queens" who run the drama center in middle America. 

"THE WRIGHT RELATIONS" (dramatic series coming to WCN1)

Show premise: This legal drama is based on fictional characters of color who are high powered attorneys to the stars.

​ Here is a list of shows you will see onWCNet

"SPORTS CONFIDENTIAL"(situation comedy - web series coming to WCN1)

Show premise: The ups and downs of a young sports reporter. This is an adaptation of the novel "The Journal of Jazmine Jonez: a Sports Confidential." (visit SportsConfidential for more interesting information on this show).

Our Digital Distributors

Re-launching soon...

"SWEET TALK with Dana Sweet"(situation comedy - web series coming to WCN2)

Show premise: This is the untold story of a former female MMA fighter turned late night talk show host.  (visit SweetTalk for show clips and more).  

"America's Next Great Remake"(variety series coming to WCN4)

Show premise: This is a reality show featuring re-enactments and lip sync in which every impressionist (artists) performs their favorite song, dance, movie or television scene. 


Wright Relations